10 Takeout Foods that are Better if you Make them While Camping

We all love some good takeout, but did you know that they are often an easy option to make while camping?

Often looking for inspiration for what to cook on the next camping trip it wonders to recent takeout foods and ones that I like to buy. They frequently are easy to make and are ones that are craved rather than the regular home-cooked foods.

This selection of 10 recipes is all great options to cook and eat while camping. Serve them as they do for takeout and you can save on dishes too.

 1. Philly Cheese Steak

This traditional recipe originated in the early 20’s in Phillidelfia originally was just thinly sliced beef, onion, and cheap American style cheese in a bread roll. The modern versions include additional ingredients like bell pepper and fancy cheese.

When camping this is easily made on a flat top grill, griddle, or in a skillet. Once made it can be wrapped in paper to serve.

Philly Cheese SteakPhilly Cheese Steak Recipe

2. Bacon and Egg Muffin

It is weird to see the term Bacon and Egg Muffin without the ‘Mc Muffin’ element that has made it famous as a breakfast takeout option.

They are actually quite easy to make camping on a flat top BBQ, griddle, or in a skillet. The muffins due to their density travel better than bread, also a positive for camping.

Bacon and Egg Muffin Recipe

3. Skillet Funnel Cake

Cooked in a skillet normal at fairs funnel cakes are an easy recipe for the camping environment. The skillet can be heated on any gas stove or over the campfire.

The strawberries on top can be fresh or if away for a while the canned ones work really well too, these are also what most fairs use anyway due to the large volumes they are cooking.

Skillet Funnel Cake Recipe

4. Dutch Oven Pizza

Everyone loves pizza so it makes sense that there is a range of ways to make them while camping, this version uses an upsidedown Dutch oven.

The toppings can be simple or complex. The recipe instructions are for a foundation ham pizza however additional toppings can be added as desired.

Dutch Oven Ham Pizza Recipe

5. Griddle Fried Rice

A flat-top BBQ is the ideal camping tool to make large servings of fried rice, but it works just as well with a griddle, skillet, or in a wok. (One pot cooking reaches a new level when camping with a wok).

There is a wide range of fried rice flavor profiles that can be cooked based on your personal tastes. The ingredients can range from fresh to canned, and even frozen if you are in a travel trailer or RV.

Griddle Fried Rice Recipe

6. Dutch Oven Donuts

Dutch ovens are surprisingly good for deep frying which opens up a wide range of food that you can cook including donuts.

The recipe is relatively easy to make using a dough technique and cutting the donut shape out rather than the batter method. Once made they can be glazed to finish and sprinkles added to the top. Alternatively while hot they can be sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and eaten hot.

Dutch Oven Glazed Donuts

7. Smash Burger (Hamburger)

The technique of making smash burgers is much easier than some of the other formed variations making it ideal for camping.

Once the burger is made you can create the simple style in the recipe with cheese or add more elaborate toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and similar.

Smash Burger Recipe

8. Taco in a Bag

Variations of these tacos have become a cliche of camp cooking. The ease of serving into a bag of chips is highly appealing.

Once the chips are topped with the sauce, it is just a matter of adding your favorite toppings like cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, and similar.

Taco in a Bag Recipe

9. Mexican Street Corn

Commonly sold in Mexico this is a variation of ‘Elote’ their street corn. It can easily be cooked in the coals of the campfire.

It makes a wonderful side dish or a light meal as it is often eaten at fairs and similar. Feel free to alter the seasoning to meet your heat preference.

Mexican Street Corn Recipe

10. Grilled Barbecue Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are such a popular takeout food there are multiple food chains that are now selling them.

This is a simple variation that can be cooked on a basic grill, one that you bring or the ones located in most campsites. Korean seasonings are the prominent flavor of this recipe but there are a wide range of flavor options available. 


Grilled Korean Barbecue Wings