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Oats are a great ingredient to use while camping and have multiple styles of recipes they can be used in. Of course, there is porridge but it appears in many desserts also like the humble crisp.

There are three main types of oats. Steel Cut Oats are whole oats that are cut and more like a rice grain in use and texture. Rolled Oats are steamed then rolled flat and are the more commonly seen and used. Instant Oats are far more processed having been cooked, cooled, rolled, and cut. These cook quicker than any other oat making them ideal for camping.

No matter which oat you choose they all have the same nutritional value. They can also all be used in a variety of dishes like oatmeal, overnight oats, muffins, bars, and crisps. The only thing that is impacted is the cook time and texture.

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