A flat-pack style camp oven sitting on a small gas stove cooking a cake

Camp Oven Recipe Ideas

Turkey Cordon Bleu

For many folks, their first “fancy” cooking venture was Chicken Cordon Bleu. Although the Turkey Cordon Bleu recipe takes a few…

by Tiffany Haugen

Pork Tagine

The joys of sweet and savory, crunchy and soft all come together in this soup-type stew of Pork Tangine. On…

by Tiffany Haugen

Tortilla Chips

Did you run out of chips and have some tortillas sitting around? Turn them into tortilla chips to snack on…

by Ash Hodgson

Praline Bacon Pig Candy

Praline bacon pig candy is sweet, salty, crunchy, and irresistible. Thick slices of bacon are coated with a maple syrup…

by Kosmo

Leek Tart

This leek tart, or open-face leek pie, is a great meat-free option for your next camping trip. This dish is…

by Saffron Hodgson