Glazed ham studded with cloves sitting in apple cider in a pie pan on a grill, surrounded by smoke.

Main Dish Recipe Ideas

The main dish of any meal is the centerpiece and is accompanied by sides such as vegetables or salads. It is most often protein-heavy and the most popular element.

Main dishes include items like roasts, large smoked or grilled meats, or baked meats. They however can also include a created dish like a bake, stew, or casserole.

Outdoors the main dish is often a one-pot meal due to the ease of cooking or sometimes a two-pot meal with the main and an accompaniment such as rice, pasta or vegetable that is cooked in the second pot.

Our Best Main Dish Recipes

Newest Main Dish Recipes

Umami Boosted Brisket

Long-smoked brisket is pumped up with umami flavoring from dried shiitake mushrooms, Maggi seasoning, and bonito flakes (fish flakes). Umami…

by Harry Soo

BBQ Beef Short Ribs

Sweet and spicy, beef short ribs are smoked with hickory and applewood for a finger-licking good meal. The meat is…

by Harry Soo

Banana Leaf Salmon

Small bites of salmon are marinated in a spicy-sweet-salty sauce, wrapped in banana leaves, grilled, and served alongside coconut rice.…

by Harry Soo

Stuffed Pork Steaks

Pork steaks are stuffed with homemade sausage before being topped with fresh sage and thyme then sprinkled with a hot…

by Harry Soo