What is your 2021 Outdoor Recipe Strategy?

Too many businesses in outdoor cooking spend time and money on creating recipes only to put them on social media where they are seen for a day, or maybe a week when they could be bringing a lifetime of return by being shared on Bush Cooking to create brand recognition and drive traffic back to your website, social media, and ultimately buying your product.


Bush Cooking provides an optimized home for outdoor recipes to be found by people actively searching for new things to cook

Maximize the reach of your recipes by hosting on Bush Cooking, just as you would share photos on Instagram, share stories on Facebook, position products on Pinterest. Reach potential new customers through recipes on BushCooking.com.

Recipes just on your own website target people who are already customers and often lack full recipe optimization, share to Bush Cooking where you can reach new customers as you showcase your products through recipes.

FREE and exclusive advertising options available


To understand the online and traffic driving  requirements if pursuing the free recipe hosting please visit the Social Sharing Requirements Page

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About adminsaffron

My background, in a nutshell? After spending years as a global logistics executive, I decided to "follow my bliss" in 2008 and pursue my love of the culinary arts on a full-time basis -- making the leap from being an occasional barbecue contest competitor to dedicating myself full time to the mission of evangelizing the art, science, and passion of outdoor cooking.

Today, my passion has taken me in several incredible directions. In addition to traveling the world to compete and judge cooking contests, teach classes, and promote the industry, I also had the privilege of managing/marketing the Australia & New Zealand site for Allrecipes.com -- helping home cooks discover outstanding recipes and proving them with a powerful stream of digital content to improve their talents, results, and confidence in the kitchen.

Specific areas of expertise I've amassed include:

• Outdoor Cooking Expertise (Barbecue, Chuck Wagon, Dutch Oven, Camp Cooking, etc.)
• Menu & Recipe Creation / Cooking Demonstrations / Group & Individual Training
• Digital Content Development, Management, Taxonomy & Curation / CMS Usage
• Digital Advertising / SEO / Social Media / E-Newsletters / Database Marketing
• Community Outreach / Public Relations / Event Marketing & Management
• Certified Food Competition Judge / Live Stage & Black Box Cooking Competitor

For further information about my background, recipes, and current undertakings, please don't hesitate to visit my website at www.bushcooking.com!

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