Hunter Fire

The Hunter Fire is a common fire that is also called the Huntsman Fire, Trapper Fire and Lumbermans’ Fire. The hunter fire is effectively a trench fire with no trench being dug so alternatively being set above ground in a similar rectangle shape using green logs, stones or brinks to create the rectangle shape and windbreak for the fire.

It is quick to assemble and can easily be used for a single meal or an extended stay, probably accounting for all the names associated with outdoorsmen that have other priorities with their time outside.

A hunter fire is good for cooking multi pot meals including boiling, grilling, frying and braising.

How to build a Hunter Fire

1/ Assess the location. To build this fire you need a flat spot in a location where the materials to create the sides are readily nearby, you don’t want to be carrying logs or rocks further than you need to. As always take into account the surroundings for fire hazards, wind direction and similar. (read more on fire location)

2/ Build the fire. Two green logs, a row of stones or brinks are place just far enough apart to support the smallest cooking pot you plan to use. The narrow opening faces into the wind. More information on stone selection.

3/ Light the fire. The fire is lit between the two walls created, if there is a strong wind this is done more on the windward side as the fire will slowly travel during the course of the meal.

4/ Maintain the fire. If you are trying to get a quick flame to boil or fry a meal, then just keep adding thin to medium sized pieces of wood on the windward side. If you are trying to get a more established meal using coals or grilling, then keep a feeder fire burning on the lea side and shuffle created coals to the windward side to cook on.

5/ Extinguish the fire. The fire can be left to burn out when cooking is completed or the ashes and wood can be spread out between the walls then gently put out with water as per standard practice. When cold the logs, stones or brinks should be returned to their original location.

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