Chocolate Orange Cake

The Orange Cake is Conquered

How can youth across the world proclaim to be cooking and enjoying these orange cakes (where a cake is cooked in a hollowed out orange), yet I can’t get it to work! #epicfail

At aged about twelve I cooked my first cake in an orange. We hiked all day, for morning break we hollowed out the orange eating the flesh. At lunch we made the cake batter, then added it into the orange. This was the good old days when you could light a fire anywhere, then we cooked cooked the orange.

I looked around as everyone ate and enjoyed this backwoods dessert, but not me I just didn’t get it. The cake was soggy, bitter and just generally bad. Not one to complain, I stashed it away and cracked out my emergency chocolate bar for such occasions.

Over the years I’ve subjected new generations of young to this cliché recipe, always bad, but bad in different ways…

Chocolate Orange Cake


1. Bitter If you hollow out an orange completely back to the white pith, a horrible tastes appears, bitter doesn’t justify just how bad it really tastes.

2. Hole Kids really struggle scooping out the flesh, often putting the spoon through the skin. Sorry there is no coming back from this.

3. Overfilling You would think it would just be like a cupcake, filled two thirds (or even one half) but no, these things just love to overflow. Often there is an annoying and weird air pocket at the bottom, most likely created from the steam, this has pushed out all the cake in a burnt overflow.

Then one day it came to me in a dream…

Chocolate Orange Cake

… Cook it like a dump cake!

For those not familiar with dump cakes, they are a staple of the American Boy Scouts where a can of fruit, a pre-packed cake mix, and a soft drink are tipped into a Dutch oven, no staring or similar, then presto (or similar magic words), a cake is made, such as this one a Cherry Chocolate Dump Cake.

Why this Orange Cake is so Awesome!

Chocolate Orange Cake

The orange is effectively the can of fruit and the soft drink. When hollowing out the orange leave some of the fresh/plus the juice in the bottom, about a quarter of the way up, this avoids the bitter skin and adds an orange flavor.

Chocolate Orange Cake

Spoon in the pre-packed cake mix, thus no wasting time, or creating messy dishes. Simply dump it in the orange. My tests used 3 tablespoons, but more or less maybe use based on the size of the orange.

Chocolate Orange Cake

Place it in the coals and then like magic and edible chocolate cake in an orange.

Easier and tastier than any others I have tried previously, I finally conquered this “simple” recipe!
See the recipe here