Skillets stacked up with a baked item in them

Recipe Ideas for Cooking in a Skillet

Skillets are a great tool for cooking in the outdoors and offer a wide range of frying and sautéing recipes to be enjoyed.

Traditionally a true skillet is made of cast iron, however, the term is often used interchangeably with frypan or frying pan, so recipes for both of these are included also.

The heavier the build of the skillet the better it is with distributing the heat, which is particularly helpful over a campfire but also of assistance when cooking on gas.

A practical cooking tool, skillets are also used in baking or roasting in exchange for a cake tin or baking tray making them even more of a practical item to take with you.

Their versatility means there is a wide range of options for them to be used, these collections have some other great ideas...

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