Food Speed Dating

Food Speed Dating

There is no better way of summarizing this event at the International Food Bloggers Conference other than speed dating for food.

You are at a table and then another person arrives lugging their product, grasping their computer or pushing a cart, still flustered from their last table they again prepare for what can only be described as ‘an elevator speech on steroids’ as they try to share as much as they can about their product, often along with a sample in five minutes.

My top 3 Dates…

Food Speed Dating


This was a very ambitious date, but totally worth all their effort, arriving with a laden down cart I received a Preservation Bloody Mary that totally got me in the mood for the wonderful food that followed.

The highlight was a salad made of Hickory Brussel Sprouts, yes you read that right! Brussel sprouts are infused with all the flavors that you would see in making a hickory smoked bacon but applied to Brussels sprouts. It was enough of the traditional that it felt familiar, but also enough of a twist that it made it unique and worth tracking down so you could buy more.

Food Speed Dating

Endorfin Foods

Everyone who knows me knows chocolate is my weak spot. So faced with a new type of chocolate, it would be hard to go wrong.

This chocolate is unique as it has no dairy or refined sugars, as well as being unroasted and ethically traded. But the flavor is also unique as it uses coconut as a key ingredient, both as a replacement for the sugar and milk, using tasted coconut slithers to create the milk in a traditional Indian fashion. Definitely worth a look for those who love chocolate like me.

Food Speed Dating

Shenandoah Vinyards

This will be a big surprise to people who have shared a wine with as I always tend to favor a traditional drier less sweet style of wine, but this Shenandoah Vineyards Black Muscat dessert wine was amazing.

Paired with a sweet chocolate both the wine and the chocolate reached new levels of enjoyment. This was fueled by comments of homemade chocolate fondues incorporating the wine, while my mind wandered of to chocolate pots and chocolate mousses.

Yes, this really was as insanely awesome as it sounds, as you can see from this quick Facebook live video I made between two of my dates.