For over 50 years B&B Charcoal has been an American family owned charcoal and wood product company based out of Texas. They are proud of their clean, high quality products.

B&B Charcoal have a wide range of cooking woods and charcoals available for all your outdoor cooking needs.

There wood products include kiln dried hardwoods in the top seven smoking flavors of hickory, mesquite, post oak, pecan, apple, cherry, and maple.

For those who prefer charcoals, through their unique drying process, B&B Charcoal are able to rid it of unwanted foreign material including resins and acids. Their range of charcoals include lump products (oak, mesquite, hickory, quebracho blanco, and general hardwood), briquettes, and char-logs.

To see B&B Charcoal's full range of products, visit their website.