Bush Cooking Saffron Hodgson Awards of Excellence

2018 NBBQA Awards of Excellence Results

Every year the National BBQ and Grilling Association runs the Awards of Excellence, acknowledging the commercial side of BBQ.

I would like to personally go through and congratulate all the people who support BushCooking.com and their great performance.

At the bottom you’ll find a full list of the top three results are available.

Congratulations to Booma

Booma, based out of Australia, has contributed a wide range of recipes to BushCooking.com including all three of the photos that he won awards for! Making recipes and food that looks as good as it tastes – that you too could make at home!
– First place BBQ Food PhotoBBQ Stuffed Squid
– Second place Live Fire PhotoGrilled Lamb Ribs
– Second place Personal PhotoSmoked Brie Cheese Wrapped in Prosciutto See Booma’s recipes here

Congratulations to Harry Soo

Harry Soo, based in California America, has been a strong supporter of BushCooking.com, and the BBQ community in general, as a member of the NBBQA board and teaching BBQ not only in his home country but overseas as well.
– Second place BlogHarry Soo Blog
– Second place Single ArticleBarbecue Creativity – Finding Your Purple Cow
– Second place BBQ Food Photo
– Second Place BBQ Character Photo
– Third place WebsiteSlap Yo’ Daddy Website
– Third place Personal Photo
– Third place Commercial Photo
– Third place Live Fire Photo See Harry Soo’s recipes here

Congratulations GrillGrates

GrillGrates has two wonderful people contributing recipes to BushCooking.com: Brad Barrett and Michael Dellaporta. This is on top of a wide range of recipes and grilling instructions that they have on the GrillGrates website.
– First place – WebpageGrillGrates.com
See Brad’s recipes here See Michael’s recipes here

Congratulations National BBQ News

The National BBQ News, lead by Kell Phelps, is a wonderful resource for all aspects of BBQ from competition, to business, to the back yard cook. BushCooking.com, published by Saffron Hodgson, now has a monthly segment in the newspaper helping share the love outdoor cooking.
– First place Periodical PublicationNational BBQ News
– First place Single Article – Operation BBQ Relief – Beyond the Numbers

Congratulations The Rub

Hosted by Jimmy Shotwell and Forrest Goodman out of Memphis, The Rub covers a wide range of guests and topics. From the backyard to competition cooking, the show about barbecue – grilling, recipes and more. The June 21st episode includes discussions with Saffron about BushCooking.com and Australian BBQ.
– First Place Audio SeriesThe Rub

Congratulations Smoking Hot Confessions

Hosted by Ben Arnot, Smoking Hot Confessions is a podcast out of Australia that has been on a strong growth curve, focused on sharing the love of BBQ. Smoking Hot Confessions first interviewed Saffron in Melbourne when she competed at the 2017 Cleanheat Rib Off to defend her title as Rib Queen in a rib-only competition. Currently, they are in post production of an episode recorded at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, World’s BBQ Competition where Saffron guest hosted – due to be published in April.
– Second Place Audio SeriesSmoking Hot Confessions

Too Cool

Photography Awards

Live Fire Photography Award
1st – Hot box – The firebox at Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas – Robert Jacob Lerma
2nd – Lamb Ribs Getting the Kiss of Fire – Booma Bromage
3rd – Tending the Grill – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy

BBQ Food Photography Award
1st – BBQ Stuffed Squid – Booma Bromage – Boomas BBQ
2nd – Spicy Pork Belly – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy
3rd – BBQ Fondue Display – Duce’s Wild

BBQ Character Photography Award
1st – Welcome to Atlanta – Pitmaster Bryan Furman – Robert Jacob Lerma
2nd – Harry Soo Serves – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy
3rd – Getting his Steak On – Junior – Up in Smoke

BBQ Personal Photography Award
1st – Morning After – Pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz of Snow’s BBQ – Robert Jacob Lerma
2nd – Smoked Brie Cheese wrapped in Prosciutto – Booma Bromage – Boomas BBQ
3rd – Harry Showing his Spread – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy

BBQ Commercial Photography Award
1st – Too Cool – Pitmaster Miguel Vidal of Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ – Robert Jacob Lerma
2nd – Hot Sauce – South Side Market and BBQ
3rd – California BBQ Style – Harry Soo – Slap Yo’ Daddy

Welcome to Atlanta

Digital Media Awards

Video Series
1st – A Pitmaster’s Story by Twist’d Q BBQ
2nd – Gque BBQ YouTube Channelby GQue
3rd – Green Mountain Grills Recipe Videos featuring Pitmaster Sterling Smith by Green Mountain Grills and Loot N’ Booty BBQ

Single Video
1st – Operation BBQ relief Brings Meals to Devastated Communities by Old World Spices & Seasonings
2nd – Stanley’s Famous – The New Stanley’s Famous BBQ Sauce by Stanley’s BBQ
3rd – BBQ Rocky Road Bananas (for Facebook) by Allrecipes and Bush Cooking

Audio Series
1st – The Rub – https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-rub/
2nd – Smoking Hot Confessions – http://smokinghotconfessions.com/
3rd – The Best BBQ Show – https://www.blubrry.com/bestbarbecueshow/

1st – GrillGrates – https://www.grillgrate.com/
2nd – South Side Market and BBQ – https://www.southsidemarket.com/
3rd – Slap Your Daddy BBQ – http://www.slapyodaddybbq.com/

1st – Bush Cooking – https://bushcooking.com/
2nd – Slap Your Daddy BBQ – http://www.slapyodaddybbq.com/
3rd – Griller’s Gold Blog – https://grillersgold.com/blog/

1st – National BBQ News – http://www.barbecuenews.com/
2nd – Tailgater Magazine – https://tailgatermagazine.com/

Single Article
1st – Operation BBQ Relief – Beyond-Numbers – Published in The Barbecue News, by Kell Phelps
2nd – Barbecue Creativity: Finding Your Purple Cow – Published on Slap Yo’ Daddy, by Harry Soo
3rd – Griller Guy – Published in Tailgater Magazine, by Jane Ehrhardt

1st – The South’s Best Butts, By Matt Moore
2nd – Salt Block Grilling, by Mark Bitterman
3rd – Praise the Lard, by Mike Mills and Amy Mills

The Morning After

BBQ Products

Best Gift Pack
1st – “The Total Pork Package” Rub it! Shred it! Sauce it! Full Boar BBQ
2nd – Jack’s 4 Pack Jack Cawthon’s Bar-B-Que
3rd – Gift Pack Nuthatch Hill BBQ Co.

Best Apparel
1st – Designated Smoker Chili Bill’s BBQ
2nd – BBQ Shotgun T-shirt Japanese BBQ Foundation
3rd – F.U.B.A.R War Pig BBQ

Best Tool/Accessory
1st – The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower LLC
2nd – Chop’s Full Power Injector System Chop’s Power Injector Systems
3rd – Tappecue Wi-Fi BBQ Thermometer Innovating Solutions

Best Label
1st – Blazin Hot – Rufus Teague
2nd – BBQ Sweet Zing – Historic BBQ
3rd – Patriot Sauce – Code 3 Spices

Best BBQ Snack
1st – Wolf Knuckles – Devil’s Breath Chile Company
2nd – Smokehouse Crackers – Spices Smokehouse
3rd – Spiced Peaches – Spices Smokehouse

BBQ Marinade
1st – Chili Bills BBQ – Chili Bill’s BBQ
2nd – Sweet Brine O’Mine – Sweet Swine O’Mine
3rd – Fowl Play – The Shed Saucery

Smoked Brie Cheese

Best Sauces

Hot Sauce
1st – Fat Boy Trail Blazer Wing & Hot Sauce – Bar B Que Specialties
2nd – Cookies Wings-N-Things Hot Sauce – Cookies Food Products
3rd – Wild Bill’s Wing Sauce – Wild Bill’s

White Sauce
1st – Alabama White Gold – Duce’s Wild Competition BBQ
2nd – Uncle Bubs Whitewash – Uncle Bubs BBQ
3rd – Lane’s BBQ Sorta White Sauce – Lane’s BBQ

Mustard Sauce
1st – Uncle Bubs Bold & Gold – Uncle Bubs BBQ
2nd – Cakalacki Gold – Gentry’s BBQ
3rd – Whole Hog #6 – Whole Hog Café

Fruit Sauce
1st – Croix Valley Cran-B-Cue Sauce – Croix Valley Foods
2nd – Peach Bourbon Pomegrante BBQ – Eroc’s
3rd – Smokehouse Blues – UrbanQ Smokehouse

Vinegar Mild Sauce
1st – Meat Mitch Naked Sauce – Meat Mitch
2nd – SuckleBusters Original – SuckleBusters
3rd – Duce’s Wild Competition BBQ Vinegar Mild – Duce’s Wild Competition BBQ

Vinegar Spicy
1st – Grilla Grills Kongo Kick – Grilla Grills
2nd – Sweet & Tangy – The Shed Saucery
3rd – Sweet & Spicy Vinegar – Sweet Swine O’Mine

Tomato Mild
1st – The Other Sauce – Eroc’s
2nd – Pitty Que Original BBQ Sauce – Pitty Que
3rd – Blueberry Blues – Southern Belles BBQ

Tomato Spicy
1st – Veterans Q Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce – Veterans Barbecue
2nd – Duce’s Wild Competition BBQ Texas – Duce’s Wild Competition BBQ
3rd – Historic BBQ Spicy – Historic BBQ

BBQ Stuffed Squid

Best Rubs

All Purpose Spicy Rub
1st – Saucy Minx Flamin’ Fury Rub – Saucy Minx BBQ Sauces & Rubs
2nd – Fat Boy Cowgirl Rub – Bar B Que Specialties
3rd – Backdraft Hot & Smokey – Historic BBQ

All Purpose Seafood Rub
1st – Gold Star Chicken Rub – Loot N’ Booty BBQ
2nd – Alspaugh’s Secret Seasoning – Alspaugh’s Secret Seasoning
3rd – Fish Bait – Swimmin’ in Smoke

All Purpose Poultry Rub
1st – Tumbleweed All Purpose Rub – Prairie Smoke & Spice
2nd – Chik Bait – Swimmin’ In Smoke
3rd – Nell’s Sweet Heat – Nells Famous BBQ Rub

All Purpose Pork Rub
1st – Flying Swine Original All Purpose Seasoning – Flying Swine Seasoning
2nd – Brotherhood of Swine Competition Rub – Brotherhood of Swine
3rd – Meat Rub – Rufus Teague

All Purpose Beef Rub
1st – Rescue Rub – Compnay 7 BBQ
2nd – Prime Rub – SuckleBusters Inc
3rd – Mad Dog 7 Merrill’s Grill’n Magic Signature Seasoning – Lashbro

For a complete list of results look here